G. Robert George & Associates, Inc.

G. Robert George & Associates (GRGA), Inc. offers Consulting Engineering, Environmental Consulting, Land Planning, Land Surveying, and Expert Witnessing in SC, GA, NC, and VA. GRGA specializes in the design of public utilities for water and sewer, road and storm water drainage, resort and subdivision developments, small and large commercial sites. GRGA also offers Land Surveying, Marina design, and Multi family sites. The president of the firm has also been an Expert Witness in well over 100 cases.

GRGA, Inc. Pump Station drawings - Click to enlarge (PDF)

"Our goal is to provide timely, consistent, quality
professional engineering services at a competitive price."

Quality is Free

It's not a gift, but it's free. What costs money are the unquality things -- all the actions that involve not doing jobs right the first time. Quality is not only free, it is an honest to goodness profit maker. Every penny you don't spend on doing things wrong, over or instead becomes half a penny right on the bottom line ... What does making quality certain mean? Getting people to do all the worthwhile things they ought to be doing anyway. -- Phillip Crosby

The latest Waste Water Utility Design is located in Mt. Pleasant and is one of the largest regional Pump Stations for Mt. Pleasant Water Works System, the Von Kolnitz Pump Station No. 51. (Photos below)


GRGA's civil site designs are environmentally sensitive and include complete Subdivision Design, Roadway Design, Drainage, Parking Areas, Marinas, Bulkheads, Wastewater and Pumps, Forcemains, and Watermain Extensions.

GRGA's ability to serve many diverse yet professionally related markets "under one roof" greatly simplifies project management from a client's prospective while assuring maximum interdisciplinary coordination at minimum coat.


GRGA has designed numerous Commercial and Institutional Sites in South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida. Ancillary site design services include boundary and topographical surveys, site layout, grading and drainage, water and sewer facilities, service utility coordination (gas, electric, telephone), and Highway Department access permitting.

GRGA civil site of a 39 acre Multi-Family residential Project (Heron Reserve in Charleston, SC), consisting of 270 units in Phase I and 112 in Phase II. Project included the design of 3500' of gravity sewer facilities, Pump Station, force main, 4000' of various size water mains, including jacking and boring across an interstate connector. Also included was the design of stormwater detention facilities, a traffic impact study, wetland permitting and preservation, extensive tree preservation, and various field surveying tasks (ALTA, topographic, tree and wetlands).


Many seeking professional engineering services mistakenly equate quality with quantity - the larger a consulting firm, the more expertise, quicker response and security one can expect from their efforts. This philosophy ignores the fact that many smaller firms don't want to be "all things to all people". To the contrary, they are often lead by individuals who saw quality and professional pride placed second to corporate profits while employed by larger firms. Many of today's best engineering professionals are driven by intangible goals with deeper satisfaction and reward from the delivery of a truly unique, quality service. The relative size of such organizations means only that they must serve fewer clients with the essence of many years of "whole job" experience not possible in larger firms which, by their very nature, promote their smartest, most capable quickly "out of the trenches".

G. Robert George & Associates, Inc. fosters the belief that quality, competitive services are the key to our continued growth and success. Our Reputation is our Philosophy - built upon honesty, integrity, state-of-the-arts technology and modern management practices. Our compact staff of experienced, dedicated professionals utilizes a proven quality control program including weekly progress review meetings, cross-team design evaluations, standardized check lists and constant attention to detail to produce a consistent, quality work product delivered "on time" and "in budget".

In early 1977 GRGA began as a general Civil Engineering firm and expanded professionally to meet other service demands with the addition of Land Planning, Environmental and Surveying Services. Project experience over the past twenty-seven years includes public sector infrastructure, residential and commercial projects, D.O.D., Federal, State, County and Municipal projects, coastal island resort developments, school and hospital sites, athletic facilities, and marinas. Technical capabilities include general civil engineering, master planning, environmental assessment project-specific traffic evaluations and land development mitigation planning. Our ability to serve many diverse yet professionally related markets "under one roof" greatly simplifies project management from a client's prospective while assuring maximum interdisciplinary coordination at minimum cost.

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